Matt Eberflus had a "really good visit" with Caleb Williams last week

The Bears are expected to draft quarterback Caleb Williams with the first overall pick next month and the team's head coach got a chance to start building a relationship with the signal caller last week.

Matt Eberflus was part of the contingent that went to USC's Pro Day to watch Williams work out and the coach met with the quarterback for over an hour as well. The coach also had dinner with Williams and some of his college teammates during what he called a "really good visit."

“The biggest takeaway is that you can see the arm talent on the film and you can see it there in person,” Eberflus said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “What I loved to see was the interaction with the other players. You can see that, and we talked to every person that was on that team. At the Senior Bowl we interviewed them — and interviewed them at the Pro Day. We talked to those guys at the dinner and you can certainly see those players love him and respect him — and what he’s brought to that program.”

Williams is due to visit Chicago next week for the next steps in the process of becoming a very significant part of the football future in Chicago.