Martell Webster loses his keys, sleeps in his car, says ‘if you haven’t slept in your car then you’re weird’

Washington Wizards small forward Martell Webster hasn't quite found the keys to stardom as he enters his eighth NBA season, but he could be on the verge of a breakout year with the Wizards following what was an excellent exhibition season run. He's probably also earned a starting role, provided his back has properly straightened out from part of a recent evening spent sleeping in his car.

No, Webster didn't have a fight with his better half; necessitating a stint locked outside his house. He merely left his keys behind in Kansas City during the final stop of the Wizards' exhibition schedule, and though a mobile phone application allowed him to get into his car, he had no way of driving the automobile back to his home after the Wizards landed in our nation's capital. And, because he and his wife are super-considerate, they found a nice compromise to share before Mrs. Webster drove to pick her husband up.

From the Washington Post:

"Good thing I have a wife that loves me. She came and got me," Webster said. "I slept in my car for two hours, I'm not going to lie. I called my wife I was like, 'You know what it is 3:30. I'll let you sleep a couple more hours but you need to come get me.' And she got me we're good.

"As long as I had shelter I was good," Webster said. "By the time I had figured out my keys were in Kansas City everybody was gone. I didn't want to call anybody, I didn't mind. I'm from the Northwest, we do weird stuff like sleep in our cars — not a problem. If you haven't slept in your car then you're weird."

It's not as if Webster pulled into some dodgy rest stop to unwind for his proper eight hours of snoozing in some junk heap. He's a millionaire athlete with what is likely a very nice car, a person that took a two-hour nap inside of a secured airport parking lot with the knowledge that his lovely wife was on her way to save the day. His fully rested, thanks to Martell's patience, lovely wife.

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Webster's right — who among us hasn't taken a snooze in either a car, or around some other tangentially related transportation station like a train depot, airport terminal, or Armitage stop for the No. 22 Clark bus outside of Lincoln Park Zoo? It's pretty funny that Webster thinks all this car-sleepin' is a "Northwest" thing, but it's mostly true that a well-placed nap taken in a parked car in a safe surrounding can be a rejuvenating thing.

(And that wives are the best.)

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