Malcolm Jenkins says he felt bad after talking smack to Cody Parkey before missed kick

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The Cody Parkey revenge game didn’t go all that well for the Chicago Bears kicker. In the waning moments of the contest, Parkey hit the uprights on a game-winning field goal attempt. The Bears lost the game 16-15.

Despite picking up the win, one member of the Philadelphia Eagles felt bad after that kick. Safety Malcolm Jenkins told Eagles coaches he was “talking so bad to Cody” before the kick.

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That exchange can be seen at the 6:05 mark in this video:

Around the 4:45 mark, Jenkins can be seen saying “Cody is going to miss that next one” as one Bears players holds him back. It’s unclear if Jenkins said more to Parkey before the kick. If he did, that’s not captured in the video.

The entire video is an enjoyable watch — well, for Eagles fans, at least. There’s also a moment where Golden Tate admits he didn’t know what route to run on the game-winning touchdown catch. Tate may have missed a signal from Foles and had to adjust his route after he saw Foles rolling out during the play.

As for Jenkins and Parkey, there’s apparently no bad blood between the two. Following the game, Jenkins found Parkey, hugged him and told him “love you, man.”

The Eagles will travel to take on the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round on Sunday.

Malcolm Jenkins apparently had a few things to say to Cody Parkey. (AP Photo)
Malcolm Jenkins apparently had a few things to say to Cody Parkey. (AP Photo)

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