Lynn Bowden Jr. has his eyes on sporting No. 6 for the Dolphins

The NFL has officially passed a new rule that will allow players to expand their number selection. In the past, groups of numbers have been reserved for only a handful of position groups — but as of 2021 you will begin to see more and more variety along all levels of the field.

Specifically for the Miami Dolphins, we have our first contender to make a numbers switch that would have previously not been allowed in the NFL. Second year wide receiver Lynn Bowden Jr. officially has his eyes on No. 6 — so much so that he’s already got a number swap ready thanks to a graphics designer.

Interestingly enough, the Dolphins do appear set for a bottleneck on the roster as things currently stand. Bowden Jr. sported No. 15 in 2020, but that number belonged to WR Albert Wilson the prior season. Wilson, of course, opted out of the 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic and is expected to be back with the team again this year.

While the NFL’s rules and numbers policy is evolving, one thing that has not changed is that multiple players cannot wear the same number — let alone two players at the same position. So look for someone to be making a swap. If Bowden has his way, he may be the first Dolphins player to take advantage of the new, looser guidelines for positional number assignments. Heck, he’s got his number picked out already and everything.