Lindsay Gottlieb sees USC-UConn as a boost for women’s basketball

Our conversation with USC women’s basketball head coach Lindsay Gottlieb, facilitated by the Box Out Colon Cancer campaign, continues. USC and UConn will enter the season as the top two women’s basketball teams in the nation. The game, which will be played on Saturday, Dec. 21, will feature the college game’s two biggest stars in USC’s JuJu Watkins and UConn’s Paige Bueckers. We asked coach Gottlieb about the hyped matchup.

Trojans Wire: How excited are you to play UConn on the national stage Dec. 21 in an Elite Eight rematch?

Gottlieb: We want to be able to play in big, exciting games that are good both for our players and for women’s basketball as a whole. What an opportunity to begin a home-home series with such a terrific program! That said, I don’t necessarily buy in as much to the rematch narrative. Both teams will look very different, so instead of a rematch, I’m excited for this early test.

Trojans Wire: What are your thoughts on being preseason favorites coming into the 2024-25 season?

Gottlieb: Going into next season, the bar has definitely been raised. We’re coming off an Elite Eight appearance and the way that you improve is by going to the Final Four or winning a national championship. So that’s what we want to do. However, to attack elite level goals, you need to do the small things in an elite way each and every day.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire