Lights out at another San Diego softball league field

SAN DIEGO (FOX 5/KUSI) – Frustration is mounting for yet another San Diego softball league dealing with broken field lights and no timeline for repair. This time it’s happening at Torrey Hills Park in Carmel Valley.

“We’ve tried to go through all the appropriate channels, I feel like for the last year and a half, almost two years that the light themselves have been out,” said Matt Spiegel, the president of North Shore Girls Softball League.

According to the league, the city has given them the run around. Spiegel said they’ve been given answers like a lack of funding, a backlog for street light repairs, and that this particular repair request may be too complex, and require a contractor to come in.

‘Is it that you just don’t know the problem and you haven’t gotten a contractor to come out or is it that you just don’t have the money? What is the actual issue,” Spiegel said.

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The league pays fees to the city to use the park, but now they are left renting temporary lights at a large cost.

“Six grand. We run on a tight budget. We are a nonprofit. We try to run at zero pretty much every year. We don’t have all this cash lying around,” Spiegel said.

Due to recent reporting about other field light failures in Rancho Peñasquitos, on Monday FOX 5 sent the San Diego parks and recreation department a series of questions not only about Torrey Hills, but also any known outages at parks city-wide.

By Wednesday evening, the only information provided by the city was that parks and recreation recently met with interested community members, but provided no details about what was discussed.

“We know these things happen and we are understanding of that, but letting something go for two years at a city park it’s just completely unacceptable. It’s a dereliction of duties, in my opinion, by a municipality,” Spiegel said.

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