Let's all break down photos of Tom Brady's gloved throwing hand

On a cold winter day in Massachusetts, a man wore gloves outside.

You wouldn’t think that would be a viral story, but this one involves Tom Brady and the notoriously tight-lipped New England Patriots. Brady suffered a right hand injury on Wednesday, and while everyone reported that it didn’t seem like a big deal, it’s not perfect for a quarterback to injure his throwing hand a few days before the AFC championship game.

Tom Brady (12) wears gloves at practice Thursday after hurting his right hand on Wednesday. (AP)
Tom Brady (12) wears gloves at practice Thursday after hurting his right hand on Wednesday. (AP)

The good news for Patriots fans: Brady was at practice Thursday (however, the Patriots noted after practice that he did not participate, which can’t be a great sign). The bad (?) news: He was wearing gloves on both hands.

We were reminded that wearing a glove on his throwing hand isn’t Brady’s preference.

There were pictures of the gloves, and analysis from Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald.

It all seems a little humorous to break down Brady and the various details concerning his gloves and his hand, but it is a big deal. Maybe. If Brady is injured and can’t play like he usually does, that’s a major story as he prepares to go against the Jacksonville Jaguars and their top-ranked pass defense. And the other part of it is if Brady really is hindered, we probably won’t hear about it before kickoff. The Patriots don’t divulge injury information very often, and it’s unlikely they’d suddenly do so on this Brady injury. Brady has often been listed on the injury report and aside from his ACL injury in 2008, he has always played.

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So we’re very unlikely to get a solid answer on Brady’s hand and how much it’s affecting him until he starts throwing passes against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday afternoon. Until then, we’ll keep trying to find clues in those pictures.

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