LeBron had a 'Heavy Heart' after Kyrie Irving's trade request shocked the NBA

LeBron James was reportedly 'devastated' after learning of Kyrie Irving's trade request. (AP)
LeBron James was reportedly ‘devastated’ after learning of Kyrie Irving’s trade request. (AP)

When you’re in the middle of a difficult time, listening to some music can help you either put your troubles aside for a minute or focus in on what you’re feeling enough to be able to reach some catharsis. Whether what turned up on LeBron James’ Instagram story on Saturday was an example of the latter sort of sonic experience, or just pure coincidence, is anybody’s guess.

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It sure is interesting, though, that one day after the bombshell report that Kyrie Irving had walked into a meeting with Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and requested a trade in part because, after three trips to the NBA Finals and one NBA championship, he no longer wanted to play with James, LeBron chose to hit the ‘gram with a short burst of eyes-covered head-bobbing along to a very particular part of “Heavy Heart,” the second track off Meek Mill’s just-released record, “Wins and Losses.” Check it out, but be warned that there’s some NSFW language in the clip below, so reader/listener/viewer caution is advised:

The lyrics that James is nodding along with?

N—– ain’t thorough like I always thought

Damn, the game left me with a heavy heart

The streets left me with a heavy heart

N—– said they with you when they really not

N—– plot on everything you got

In breaking the story of Irving’s trade request,’s Brian Windhorst said that “James was blindsided and disappointed” when he learned that Kyrie wanted out. During a subsequent appearance on ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption,” Windhorst used a stronger word to describe James’ reaction: “devastated.”

And then, Saturday: they “say they with you when they really not.” Hmm.

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Again: entirely possible that this is just LeBron taking a moment to get deeply into a new track by an artist he enjoys, and to show himself feeling the lines in a general way rather than in reference to any one inciting incident. But knowing what we do about James’ penchant for using social media very, very intentionally as a specific-message-sending service, it’s … interesting, is all.

Now, after Irving reportedly made it clear to Gilbert that he was “tired of being Robin to James’ Batman” — which, funnily enough, evokes one of James’ odder moments of introspective Instagram messaging — the Cavaliers sort through their options, and other teams prepare their offers for a 25-year-old All-Star point guard who stands as one of the best shot-makers in the sport. As for the rest of us … well, we’re left to do little more than wait and see what the hell happens next with one of the NBA’s most successful and chaotic franchises.

On this score, it seems, we are in the same boat as Cavs center Channing Frye:

So now, we wait, and watch. And listen. (And maybe read between the lines, while we’re at it.)

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