LeBron James — sporting Lakers shorts — receives standing ovation upon arrival at Summer League

About two weeks after announcing his plans to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James showed up in style to the team’s Summer League game in Las Vegas, wearing Lakers shorts and receiving a standing ovation from the Los Angeles faithful.

Lakers’ fans reactions to LeBron James have been mixed

Jonas Never painted a mural dedicated to James, crowning him “The King of Los Angeles,” shortly after he announced his intentions to sign with the franchise. People took issue with that title, though, and the mural was vandalized.

Never, however, wouldn’t be deterred and reworked the mural, painting over the word “of,” the main point of contention. But that apparently wasn’t enough, and paint was splattered over the upgraded mural once again. That prompted Never to simply paint over the entire thing.

James also hinted last week at a possible appearance at a Blaze Pizza in Culver City with a tweet on Monday. But James never showed up, leaving a massive line of fans disappointed. The mural was gone hours later. Other public institutions, like the famous Santa Monica pier Ferris wheel, have shown their excitement through a variety of displays. So to see the fans positively react to the four-time MVP must have been a welcome sign for him.

James appeared in public for the first time in a while

James announced his signing with the Lakers via a simple press release, and he was not present for the Lakers’ press conference following the acquisition. But James was eager to see some of his new team’s younger players — including Josh Hart, who has been very supportive of James — take on the Pistons.

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LeBron James, sporting Lakers shorts, enters Summer League (via @World_Wide_Wob on Twitter)
LeBron James, sporting Lakers shorts, enters Summer League (via @World_Wide_Wob on Twitter)