LeBron James shuts down 'bum' heckler, proceeds to keep winning at basketball and life

Ball Don't Lie
<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/players/3704/" data-ylk="slk:LeBron James">LeBron James</a> made quick work of a heckler and the Bulls in Chicago on Monday. (AP)
LeBron James made quick work of a heckler and the Bulls in Chicago on Monday. (AP)

Ah, the sports heckler.

The guy or, occasionally, gal who has seats so good and so close to the action that he or she feels entitled — no, make that obligated — to give an earful to visiting players. Or sometimes even the home squad if they’re not playing up to said fan’s lofty standards.

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LeBron James encountered such a fan on Monday when the Cleveland Cavaliers visited Chicago for a 113-91 win over the Bulls.

Never mind that the Cavs took a double-digit lead in the second quarter and never looked back. Or that James posted 23, seven and six in what ended up being the Cavs’ 12th consecutive win.

Our hero heckler here correctly pointed out that LeBron James has a suspicious hairline and recently lost the teammate services of Kyrie Irving and Derrick Rose. Kudos to you, sir, for accurately reciting things that have happened.

Fans often like to think of their sports heroes as above the fray in situations like these. But, as James demonstrated, he’s human too. And, well, we can’t really blame him for his assessment that his heckler appears to be a bum. Spot-on, LeBron.

This heckler can likely next be seen at a comedy club near you screaming at the talent because, clearly, everyone who paid to get into the show is there to hear him.

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