Learn Climbing’s Safety Essentials With Conrad Anker

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Conrad Anker is one of if not THE most prolific climbers of his generation. From El Cap to the Antartica to the Himalaya, he’s done it: hard big walls, alpine, ice, you name it including a rare ascent of Everest without supplemental oxygen and the first ascent of Meru’s Sharksfin. Now, Conrad, in this online LEARN course, he passes along the knowledge that has kept safe and summiting on all seven continents. Featured lessons include Safety Essentials, Defying Gravity and Alpine Climbing.

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Rock Climber Conrad Anker Conrad Anker in the Antarctica in 2017.
Conrad Anker in the Antarctica in 2017. (Photo: Jimmy Chin)

More about Conrad Anker:

Conrad Anker is a climber's climber, and a living legend – at home on a faraway alpine wall or the sparkling ice of Hyalite Canyon, near his hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Over decades, his epic climbing journey has taken him from the northern realms of Alaska to the farthest reaches of Antarctica. In 2011, his ascent of the iconic Shark's Fin on India's Mount Meru, with partners Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk, was immortalized in the Sundance-winning documentary, Meru. A year later, Conrad summited Sagarmatha (Everest) for the third time, leading an educational and research-based expedition to the Southeast Ridge without supplemental oxygen – a distinction claimed only by the world's top climbers.

In 1999, Conrad found the body of George Mallory on Everest, solving one of climbing's greatest mysteries and shedding new light on the pioneering climbs of early expeditions. As captain of The North Face climbing team for 26 years, Conrad has led the charge towards greater dialogue and positive action around conservation and climate change. He is also a direct advocate for Protect Our Winters, The American Himalayan Foundation, the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation, the Access Fund, USA Climbing, and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

A Quick Safety Tip From Conrad Anker

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