Larry Fitzgerald 'wants the best for everybody' after Kyler Murray scrubs Instagram account

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray caused a stir Tuesday after he scrubbed his Instagram account of nearly all pictures related to the team. Cardinals legend Larry Fitzgerald weighed in on the situation Wednesday, saying he just wants "the best for everybody," according to ESPN.

Murray cryptically made the change Tuesday. His account, which used to feature pictures of Murray wearing Cardinals' gear, now has just two posts. One shows Murray at Oklahoma. The other is a picture of Murray from the Pro Bowl.

The Pro Bowl picture shows Murray with Dallas Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb. Both players went to Oklahoma. Murray is wearing an NFC Pro Bowl jersey in that picture, though his helmet says Cardinals. There's also a Cardinals logo on Murray's left sleeve.

Perhaps that's not enough to start a conspiracy. Well, if you needed more evidence something is up, Murray also unfollowed the team on Instagram. In addition to that, Murray's Twitter picture features Murray wearing an Oklahoma jersey and Murray in an Oakland Athletics uniform. Murray was drafted by the Athletics before going No. 1 over in the 2019 NFL draft.

Murray has given no public explanation for the social media scrubbing. If he's upset with the team, or his contract situation, Murray is keeping that information to himself.

Larry Fitzgerald suggests Kyler Murray and Cardinals work things out

It's unclear if Fitzgerald knows what's really happening behind the scenes. He may have been guessing when he told ESPN he hopes "everything works out the way both sides want it to work out."

The Cardinals had a successful year in 2021, making the postseason after an 11-win season. The team was ousted in its first playoff game, losing 34-11 to the Los Angeles Rams.

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Murray is about to enter his final season with the Cardinals, and is in line for a massive contract extension. The social media scrubbing could be related to Murray's next deal. Either he's frustrated with negotiations, or is playing mind games with the Cardinals before the team approaches Murray about a new deal.

The reference to the Athletics in Murray's Twitter picture suggests that's the case, as it's a reminder Murray could leave the Cardinals and play baseball professionally if he doesn't get the deal he wants.

Larry Fitzgerald and Kyler Murray.
Larry Fitzgerald wants the best for Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)