Lamar Jackson on weight loss: Just to be more agile, move more

The Ravens have a slimmer Lamar Jackson on the field at OTAs this spring and the quarterback discussed his decision to drop some weight at a Wednesday press conference.

Jackson said recently that he's down to 205 pounds after playing at 215 pounds last year and 230 pounds during the 2022 season. On Wednesday, he said he cut weight because he wanted to increase his agility to where it was several years ago.

"I'll say it was important enough to be able to move around a little bit extra, that's all," Jackson said, via the team's website. "Just so I can be more agile and be able to move more."

Jackson may be more agile, but there may be some questions about his durability. Running has always been a weapon for Jackson and getting lighter make make some wonder about whether he'll be able to hold up to getting hit. Jackson said he believes "it really doesn't matter about the weight" and it looks like he will be putting that to the test later this year.