Lamar Jackson needs to hire an agent, now

I’ve said it before. Hopefully, I won’t say it again. Other than right now.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson needs to hire an agent.

Not just any agent. A good agent. Someone who will know how to get Jackson the contract he wants. Someone who will, if the agent can’t get Jackson the contract he wants, give him the advice he needs regarding whether to accept or reject the bottom-line best offer the Ravens make. Whatever the Ravens put on the table, is it better to take it or to play for $23 million in 2022, with no guarantees for 2023?

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Good agents serve two important roles. First, they get the best possible deal from the team. Second, they provide sage advice to a player who may not know what to do, or who may be poised to do the wrong thing.

They also allow a player to focus on his primary business — playing football to the best of his ability.

Jackson has never had an agent. Some in league circles think he simply doesn’t want to pay the percentage. The reality is that he’ll end up with 97 to 99 percent of much larger pie than 100 percent of the smaller one he’ll get on his own. Also, he could miss out on getting any pie at all, if he makes a bad bet on himself.

Not every self-bet is good. Jackson gambled in 2021, playing without a contract after three full NFL seasons. With four seasons in the books and one season to go until the franchise tag, he needs someone to get the Ravens to open the wallet as far as they can and then to give Jackson a strong, clear recommendation on whether to say yes or no.

Lamar Jackson needs to hire an agent, now originally appeared on Pro Football Talk