Lady Packer middle school soccer hosts end of season banquet

May 6—MOULTRIE — To conclude the 2023-24 season the middle school Lady Packers Black and Gold soccer teams received their participating certificates and individual awards during the end of season banquet.

Between the two teams there were 61 participates in the program this year.

Playing on the black soccer team was: Lydia Allegood, Ann Brown, Cadence Cox, Iris Crisostomo, Josie Crisostomo, Kamila Delangel, Allie Eure, Jocelyn Garcia, Blakelee Lehman, Ashleigh Lopez-Lopez, Alexia Luna, Candace Luna, Kinlee Luna, Aileen Martinez, Dry McLeod, Maya Meza, Judith Moctezuma, Allison Quiroz, Belen Romulo, Keylee Sanders, Lucy Taunton, Ellie Weathers, Mia Avila, Vale Cano, Karaline Horne, Alba Garcia, Jade Gonzalez, Genesis Martinez and Emily Portillo with student manager Christina Salazar-Perez.

The gold team consisted of the following athletes: Kaylee Benavides, Cora Calhoun, Evoleth Cardenas, Mia Cedillo, Marleigh Debruce, Angela Duque, Ansley Eure, Emily Garcia, Kayly Garcia, Marlene Garcia, Emy Gay, Isabella Gonzalez, Kate Hammock, Marleigh Hurst, Di James, Kenya Leon, Daria Lucio, Erykah Luna, Isobel Luttrell, Laney McDaniel, Shaila Molina, Lily O'Neil, Margarita Ortiz, Nattalia Rivera, Makayla Rodriquez, Kristen Sanchez, Thania Sanchez, Grace Santos, Daisy Jesus Trujillo, Brookelynn Tyler and Ayla White,

Each team presented the scholarship award to those who qualified, along with five individual awards.

First award was given to the best substitution impact player, which was to honor the player who rallied the team the most.

Yocelin Garcia was given this honor for the black team, and Debruce received it for the gold.

Golden Boot was awarded to the player who scored the most goals.

From the Black team, McLeod had the highest number of goals while Luttrell got over 20 throughout the season for the Gold team.

Most Versatile was also an award handed out during the banquet.

Delangel has given this honor from the Black team. Kayly Garcia received it for the Gold team.

Another award presented went to a player on the defensive lineup: the Brick Wall.

Receiving this award for the Black team was Cox, and Gay received it for the Gold team.

The final award, future captain, was given for leadership ability.

Winning this for the Black team was Kinlee Luna; Emily Garcia received it from the Gold team.

Scholarship awards were also given during the banquet to those student athletes who maintained a 90-plus average on their GPA.

A total of 26 Lady Packers from the middle school roster received this accomplishment.

Nine were from the Black team — Allegood, Cox, Delangel, Eure, Horne, Lopez-Lopez, Moctezuma, Quiroz and Taunton.

Benavides, Calhoun, Cedillo, Debruce, Duque, Eure, Emily Garcia, Kayly Garcia, Marleny Garcia, Gay, Hurst, Leon, Luttrell, Molina, Rodriquez, Santos and Tyler — the remaining 17 scholar athletes — were on the Gold team.

Both of the Lady Packers middle school teams brought home a second place trophy from this year's season.