Lady Gaga Is Going Viral After Someone Threw Something At Her Onstage And It Was Blocked By An Invisible Shield

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You know Lady Gaga — Mother Monster, choreo queen, mic-is-always-on LADY GAGA.

Lady Gaga making claw hands on stage
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Live Nation

Well, she returned to the stage this week for her long-delayed Chromatica Ball. The show seems amazing, and is receiving rave reviews.

Gaga on stage
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Live Nation

And she's going viral after a fan threw something at her onstage, and she rejected it with a seemingly invisible force field??!!?!!

gaga on stage with her arms out
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Live Nation

That's right, Twitter user @noah3020 caught the moment and shared it, where it got 3.5 million views!

Literally, someone threw something at Gaga...

arrow pointing at a large object making its way toward the stage
@noah3020 / Via Twitter: @noah3020

...and it was immediately BLOCKED by some type of invisible force field.

the object falling before making it to stage
@noah3020 / Via Twitter: @noah3020

People were obsessed and perplexed by the whole moment:

One fan said not to worry, since it's a common thing for Monsters to throw gifts onstage:

Either way, when you're a legend, you have special powers, like when Mariah Carey sat on an invisible chair in 2017 while signing autographs.

Queens. That's all, bye.