Kyler Murray fools Jaguars’ entire defense for easy rushing touchdown

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray came into his Week 3 matchup with the Jaguars having already accounted for nine touchdowns — seven as a passer, and two as a runner. The Jaguars had already allowed four passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns in their first two games, and their defense hasn’t always been what you would call great. So, when the Cardinals had second-and-goal at the Jacksonville one-yard line, you could expect that Murray might keep it, and you could also expect that if things were gapped up through the middle (as was the case when running back Chase Edmonds tried to pound the ball in on the previous play), Murray might go outside.

That is what we would expect. We do not know what the Jaguars were expecting, but this is about the easiest touchdown run Murray will ever have, especially that close to the goal line.

I mean, you can understand the playfake soaking up a defender or two, but come on, guys.

Per ESPN’s Stats & Info, Murray has run for 18 touchdowns in his career, and his next will tie him with Lamar Jackson for third-most among quarterbacks in their first three NFL seasons. At this rate, Murray might gt closer to Josh Allen (25) and Cam Newton (28) up the list.