Kyle Shanahan, Brock Purdy weren't asked on Wednesday about attempt to sign Tom Brady

Last week, buried a bombshell in a #longread about quarterback Brock Purdy. This week, far more attention was paid to Purdy's claim that he was told last offseason by coach Kyle Shanahan that the 49ers would try to sign Tom Brady.

And here's where a weird story gets even weirder. Neither Shanahan nor Purdy have been asked about it during press conferences this week.

Shanahan has met with reporters twice, on Monday and on Wednesday. Purdy had a press conference on Wednesday. The issue never came up. Even if it was a question as simple as asking Purdy to confirm that he said what he supposedly said, it's amazing the topic wasn't addressed.

Beyond the potential significance of the intended pursuit of Brady to the ongoing 2023 season is the question of whether the 49ers will stick with Purdy for 2024. And, please, let's not get all riled up over Purdy's numbers at the helm of the best offense in football. He's been good. He hasn't been Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, or Josh Allen. And if Purdy has a multi-pick meltdown against the Lions or in the Super Bowl, all's fair for 2024.

Especially in light of Shanahan's history of moving from quarterback to quarterback in search of the quarterback who will take him to the top of the mountain. Given that Kirk Cousins will be a free agent again in just a few weeks, it's foolish not to think that Shanahan won't at least think about upgrading, if Purdy turns into a pumpkin with the season on the line.

The effort to get Brady for 2023 makes it even more plausible.