Kings star De'Aaron Fox says 'it's stupid' for NBA to play All-Star Game in pandemic

The NBA and its Players Association have reportedly agreed to play the All-Star Game this March. Not every player is happy with that decision.

Sacramento Kings star De’Aaron Fox bluntly criticized the idea of an All-Star Game while the league is playing through a pandemic, in comments after Wednesday’s game:

"If I'm going to be brutally honest, I think it's stupid. If we have to wear a mask and do all of this for a regular game, then what's the point of bringing the All-Star Game back? Obviously, money makes the world go round, so it is what it is. I mean, I’m not really worried about it. If I’m voted, so be it. If I’m not ...

A reporter then interjected to ask if Fox would play in the game if asked. Fox responded with laughter and affirming he would, but mostly because of the fine he would be facing if he refused to play:

“You know you get fined? If you’re supposed to be in it, and you’re not hurt and you decide not to play, that’s a hefty fine, so hell yeah I would play in it. I hope I don’t get fined for saying that s---.”

Fortunately for Fox, the NBA and NBPA are reportedly working on an opt-out clause for players who don’t want to participate in the All-Star Game this year.

Even with the agreement to play an All-Star Game, the idea is proving controversial due to the league’s struggle to reliably play even regular season games. The NBA has already had to delay 24 different games due to COVID-19 precautions and outbreaks on several teams. Now the league wants to assemble all its biggest stars in one place for a weekend.

Is De’Aaron Fox an All-Star?

Currently in his fourth NBA season, Fox has not yet appeared in an All-Star Game, but the point guard is making a strong case for what would be a bittersweet debut this year. He’s currently averaging 22.3 points per game on .566 true shooting, both career highs, with 6.6 assists, 3.3 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game.

Fox didn’t make the top 10 in voting for the Western Conference backcourt, but his production is well in line with some of the players on that list.

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