Kerr's favorite Iguodala memory fittingly golf-centric

Kerr's favorite Iguodala memory fittingly golf-centric originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Steve Kerr and Andre Iguodala have shared enough memories on the hardwood to last a lifetime.

Between the four NBA championships and the countless records and accolades, the Warriors have just about done it all over the last decade under Kerr and Iguodala has been there every step of the way.

The veteran forward officially announced his retirement on Friday, ending a 19-year NBA career highlighted by four championships, a Finals MVP award, one All-Star nod and two All-Defensive selections.

In speaking to reporters before the preseason finale against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday at Chase Center, Kerr was asked to share his favorite Iguodala story, which fittingly consisted of the 39-year-old's two favorite sports.

"When we won the title in (2015), during that run, one of my best friends is a member at Augusta [National Golf Club]," Kerr said. "Andre loves golf and so my friend, Jeff, he said 'Hey, tell Andre and Steph [Curry] if we win the title we'll go to Augusta.' Andre is such a golf nut.

"So buzzer sounds, I think Steph like threw the ball up in the air, Andre catches the ball. It's not (even) 15, 20 seconds after we've won the NBA championship and Andre runs over to me and he goes 'We're going to Augusta!' I was like, 'That's what you're thinking of right now?' But he loves golf so much and I always love that story, because he made the sacrifice to come off the bench that year and then we start him and he starts the last three games, wins Finals MVP and then he gets to go to golf heaven. It was a good run."

Iguodala and Curry are two of the Warriors' avid golfers and oftentimes spend most of their offseasons on the course, so it's not surprising Iguodala was itching to hit the links after a long and exhausting playoff run.

Playing a round at Augusta National, one of the world's most iconic golf courses and home to the Masters Tournament, is a lifelong dream for many dimpleheads and the perfect way to celebrate the first of four Warriors championships.

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