Kaufman: ‘I have heard some whispers’ that the Celtics are still trying to trade Malcolm Brogdon

The radio silence from both the Boston Celtics and point guard Malcolm Brogdon‘s camp since the trade that would have sent him to the Los Angeles Clippers collapsed has not done fans of the team any favors, with many left wondering if the ball club will start another season with internal problems to consider. A recent report from the Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach threw some water on the rumors, but even the Globe reporter admitted something seems “off” with the situation.

Now, CLNS Media’s Adam Kaufman has put a bit more kindling back under that source of offseason smoke, saying on a recent episode of the “Celtics Beat” podcast that he has “heard some whispers that the Celtics are still trying to trade (Brogdon).”

“I am not saying my reporting is any better than Adam Himmelsbach,” he qualified. “In fact, I will tell you the opposite — it is very much inferior to Adam Himmelsbach’s.”

“However, I had been saying for weeks, for months — ever since this trade fell apart — do not be surprised if the fallout from this situation or potential fallout still leads to Malcolm Brogdon being traded,” he added.

“I still believe that even though we’re sitting here in late September, I still believe Malcolm Brogdon is maybe not actively being dangled out there by the Celtics, but I think he is absolutely on the trade block, I firmly, firmly believe that.”

Whether Boston and Brogdon are quietly looking for a new home for the Virginia alum, in the midst of a rapprochement to heal the wounds opened by the trade attempt, or simply gearing up for a title run, we don’t have long to wait with Media Day arriving on October 2 — exactly a week from today.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire