Kansas State Wildcats unveil ‘crazy good’ rings to commemorate Pop-Tarts Bowl victory

Now that Chris Klieman, Avery Johnson and everyone else associated with the Kansas State football team has finished digesting all the Pop-Tarts they consumed following a 28-19 victory over North Carolina State last December in Orlando, it’s time for the Wildcats to commemorate their latest bowl victory with jewelry.

K-State unveiled its championship rings from the Pop-Tarts Bowl on Friday, and the Wildcats think they are just as “crazy good” as the toasted pastries that sponsored their most recent postseason game.

The rings, as you might expect, are purple and silver with a large Powercat logo at the center.

The words “Pop-Tarts Bowl” and “champions” can be found on the front of the ring. You will also notice Klieman’s four core values (discipline, toughness, commitment and be selfless) engraved on the sides.

On the inside of the ring, the words “Raise the bar” have been engraved.

Coincidentally, or not, K-State chose to unveil its Pop-Tarts Bowl rings on the same day Netflix released a new comedy from Jerry Seinfeld about how Pop-Tarts got its start while competing against other traditional breakfast items like cereal.

Friday was a big day for toasted pastries.

K-State capped a 9-4 season by defeating North Carolina State at the Pop-Tarts Bowl last December at Camping World Stadium. Starting quarterback Avery Johnson was named MVP of the game after he threw for 178 yards and two touchdowns to go along with 71 yards and a touchdown as a runner.

When it was over, he devoured an edible Pop-Tarts mascot along with head coach Chris Klieman and the rest of the team until only crumbs remained.