Kansas City shooting: 2 juveniles among 3 detained after gunfire that struck 23 people, killing 1

[UPDATE, March 21 3 p.m. PST: Third man charged with murder in Kansas City parade shooting]

One person was killed and 23 total people were struck by gunfire in a mass shooting after the conclusion of the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl parade on Wednesday afternoon, according to Kansas City Police.

As of Thursday's latest update from police, the shooting "appeared to be a dispute between several people that ended in gunfire" and killed 43-year-old Elizabeth Galvan.

Galvan, who went by Lisa Lopez-Galvan, was a mother of two who worked as a local radio and event DJ. She co-hosted a program for KKFI 90.1 FM called “Taste of Tejano," which featured Latin music. The news of her death was first reported by the Kansas City Star.

Graves added that "several firearms" had been recovered in connection with the shooting. The investigation is ongoing.

  • Kansas City police: 43-year-old Lisa Lopez-Galvan killed, 23 total struck by gunfire

    Kansas City police chief Stacey Graves said Thursday morning during a news conference that 23 victims were struck by gunfire at the mass shooting at the Chiefs' championship parade, and 43-year-old Elizabeth Galvan has died.

    Galvan, who went by Lisa Lopez-Galvan, was a mother of two who worked as a local radio and event DJ. She co-hosted a program for KKFI 90.1 FM called “Taste of Tejano," which featured Latin music. The news of her death was first reported by the Kansas City Star

  • Kansas City police: 2 juveniles among 3 detained after 'dispute' that led to shooting

    Kansas City police chief Stacey Graves said Thursday morning that two juveniles were among the three people detained in connection with the mass shooting at Wednesday's Chiefs championship parade.

    "This appeared to be a dispute between several people that ended in gunfire," Graves said, adding their preliminary investigation indicates there was "no nexus to terrorism or homegrown violent extremism."

    Graves added that "several firearms" were recovered.

  • Yahoo's Nick Bromberg: Does mass shooting end sports parades as we know them?

    As Kansas City grieves the victims of the mass shooting at the Chiefs parade, and as police work to find a motive after three people were detained, the city will have to soon wrestle with another question:

    Will it ever have another championship parade like this again?

    Will any sports team and city?

    Read more from Yahoo Sports' Nick Bromberg, a Kansas City native and Chiefs fan, here.

  • Yahoo's Dan Wetzel: Mass shooting at a parade? At a Chiefs' Super Bowl parade? What the ... ?

    "They came for a parade. They came by the million. They came downtown under the winter sun, wearing their Chiefs gear and their Kansas City pride.

    "It says Kansas City in the box score and so this was for Kansas City, for another shared Super Bowl championship, for another shared title, for another shared celebration like this; Valentine’s Day with everyone dancing on the sidewalks.

    "And then, just like that, it became a day of shared horror and shared tragedy and shared terror."

    Read more from Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel here.

  • President Biden, VP Harris connect shooting to Parkland massacre

    Wednesday's shooting occurred on the sixth anniversary of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 students and staff members and wounded 17 more. Both President Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris connected the Super Bowl shooting to Parkland in their responses, calling for increased gun control.

  • Travis Kelce: 'KC, you mean the world to me'

    Chiefs' star tight end Travis Kelce said he is "heartbroken" over the mass shooting. He offered words to the fans who attended and the entire city.

  • Kansas City DJ Lisa Lopez identified as fatality

    Lisa Lopez, a DJ for the KKFI radio station in Kansas City, was confirmed by her employer to have died in the shooting.

  • Injured kids expected to recover

    All 11 of the injured youth are expected to recover, Children's Mercy said during a news conference. The hospital previously said it was treating 12 patients, 11 of whom were children. Nine of those patients were treated for gunshot wounds.

    Their ages ranged from six to 15 and none of their injuries were critical.

  • NFL says 'thoughts' are with victims

    The NFL issued a statement during the Kansas City Police's news conference, saying the league is "deeply saddened by the senseless shooting." The organization went on to extend its thoughts to the victims and gratitude to first responders.

  • Police chief acknowledges video of fans assisting police

    In a video of the chaos from the mass shooting, it appears that fans tackled a fleeing suspect.

    During the second news conference of the day, Kansas City police acknowledged the footage and said that they are "working to identify" the alleged suspect and determine whether they are in custody.

  • 11 children hospitalized, nine with gun shot wounds

    Kansas City's Children’s Mercy hospital is treating 12 patients from the mass shooting. 11 of them are children, nine of which have gunshot wounds. according to an update shared by Matt Flener of KMBC.

    This comes after the police chief and mayor told reporters they didn't believe any of the victims were children.

    UH-Truman Medical Center previously announced they were treating eight gunshot victims from Union Station. Two of of those victims were said to in critical condition, while another four patients have non-gunshot injuries.

  • Statement from Chiefs

    The Kansas City Chiefs confirmed that all of their players, coaches, staff and their families are safe and accounted for in a statement issued via X.

    The team is working closely with the police department and the Mayor's office.

  • Chiefs DE calls for gun reform

    Charles Omenihu been in the league since 2019 and played for the San Francisco 49ers for two seasons before joining the Chiefs. He took to social media Wednesday afternoon, asking when American legislators will act on gun violence.

  • Police to provide updates via social media, news conference

    Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves addressed reporters in a news conference at 3:30 p.m. local time. She said that officers would provide more updates via X, formerly Twitter. Another news conference is scheduled for 6:00 p.m., according to a new post from the department.

  • Other Chiefs personnel are OK

    Kansas City's vice president of content and production Robert G. Alberino Jr. provided a positive update regarding his coworkers and called for change.

  • Reactions from Chiefs players

    Quarterback Patrick Mahomes:

    Offensive tackle Donovan Smith:

    Linebacker Dru Tranquill:

  • High school student comforted by Andy Reid

    A local high school sophomore spoke to Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star about his experience once he heard the shots. After scrambling over a barricade, he was comforted by Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who hugged him.

  • Mother and Daughter shaken

    A mother and daughter at the parade from another state told Vahe Gregorian of the Kansas City Star what they saw and heard outside Union Station after shots were fired.

  • Media member perspective

    NFL Network correspondent James Palmer was at the parade and also posted video of what he saw. (Warning: This video contains NSFW language.)

  • Fallen barricades, officers racing to assist

    A video recorded by Jacob Meikel, sports director for News-Press NOW in St. Joseph, Missouri showed general chaos as police ran through and some attempted to help fans out of the area.

  • Live report captures shooting

    A KCTV reporter was at the parade and doing a live report when the shooting began, as seen in footage aired by BBC.