Justin Jefferson, Adrian Peterson show up to Timberwolves playoff game

The state of Minnesota sports fandom is always a cross between euphoria and comatose. Depending on the time of year, what team is causing it? Right now, despite the NFL draft being right around the corner, basketball is king.

The other sports tend to show up whenever the basketball team is on a run. On Saturday, the Timberwolves took the court as the number one seed in the Western Conference, and two Vikings showed up.

One legend to attend is Adrian Peterson, and another future legend is Justin Jefferson.

The Target Center was ready for a sellout crowd, shirts lined the seats, and the legends showed up. Justin Jefferson making a public appearance despite not showing up to team activities could be seen as a move with an anterior motive, or perhaps it means they are close to a deal.

Only time will tell, for now, enjoy the Timberwolves game if you are Jefferson before the chaos of draft week starts unfolding.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire