Jordan Morgan: I'm gonna prove everyone who thinks I can't play LT wrong

Jordan Morgan was a three-year starter and All-Pac 12 player while manning the left tackle spot at Arizona, but there was some chatter heading into the draft that he could be better suited for guard.

That chatter came about because Morgan's arms are a little shorter than what NFL teams ideally look for at the position, although it doesn't look like the Packers have any doubts. They took Morgan in the first round and he's playing left tackle at their rookie minicamp this weekend with an eye on remaining there for the long run.

Morgan told reporters in Green Bay that he heard his arms were too short heading into college, but "just didn't care" about it then and he hasn't started caring about it now.

“I get that a lot — the short arms stuff,” Morgan said, via Paul Bretl of “It’s like you obviously haven’t watched film. I use them pretty well. I move people off the ball. I pass set really well, protect the quarterback. You see the stats. That doesn’t bother me, though. I’m just gonna prove everybody wrong.”

The Packers won't be setting anything into stone until they see how all of their linemen look as a group, but it seems likely that the Packers took Morgan in the first round with the idea of putting him on Jordan Love's blind side for an extended run.