Jon Jones confronts people carrying spray cans in Albuquerque, helps local businesses after protests

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Chris Cwik
·2 min read
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UFC fighter Jon Jones isn’t going to stand for people looking to vandalize his town. Jones confronted two teenagers carrying spray cans around Albuquerque, New Mexico, over the weekend, and posted video of the incident on his Instagram page.

In the video, Jones follows one person demanding that person give Jones the spray can. After Jones receives the spray can, he walks over to another person, who immediately gives up their spray can.

Caution: NSFW language below.

In his post, Jones asks why “punk ass teenagers” are “destroying our cities.” He urges people who care about Albuquerque to protect the city, and tells family members to make sure their young family stays home. Jones expresses he’s frustrated about George Floyd, but Jones believes tagging and carrying spray cans is not the way to spark change.

The video comes while Jones is engaged in a pay dispute with UFC. After stepping away from negotiations and getting into it with UFC president Dana White, Jones said Sunday he is willing to give up his light heavyweight title.

Jones helps local businesses

Jones continued his work in the city on Monday, helping local businesses clean up after destruction over the weekend and boarding up windows.

Chuck Liddell breaks up fights at Huntington Beach

Another UFC fighter joined Jones in trying to keep the peace over the weekend. Chuck Liddell patrolled Huntington Beach over the weekend looking to prevent fights.

Liddell spoke to local news and urged people to protest peacefully.

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