Jets reportedly don’t plan to shop Zach Wilson (which of course means they will)

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At least once every offseason, it seems, a team says it has no intention or no plan or no desire or no whatever to trade a player who inevitably is traded.

This year, that team could be the Jets. And the player could be quarterback Zach Wilson.

In the aftermath of a report from Jay Glazer of Fox Sports that the Jets will move on from Wilson after the season, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Jets have no plan to shop Wilson.

It feels like an effort to build leverage at a time there the Jets have none. Because the best leverage for any trade talks is for the team that currently employs the player to be able to say, “We’ll just keep him.”

Thus, the Jets need to convince other teams that they’ll just keep Wilson. Even if they already have decided to move on.

And, frankly, leaking to the in-house media outlet a plan to keep Wilson likely won’t persuade anyone that it’s real. Glazer said what he said, and Glazer usually doesn’t say things that end up being not accurate.

Besides, the Jets need to consider what the reaction to keeping Wilson would be, among the fans that follow the team and the media that covers it. It wouldn’t be good, because Wilson hasn’t been. And it feels like it’s too late to turn it around.

Jets reportedly don’t plan to shop Zach Wilson (which of course means they will) originally appeared on Pro Football Talk