Jaylon Johnson "cleared the air" with Caleb Williams

Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson's first interaction with new teammate Caleb Williams concerned something Johnson said before the quarterback was drafted with the first overall pick.

Johnson was asked about the perception that Williams has a "Hollywood" attitude during an interview in March and said that such an attitude would not play well in the Bears locker room because "you gotta prove yourself" as a professional. Johnson said on 670 The Score that he spoke to Williams about the comments before the draft because he felt the "conversation was taken completely the wrong way" because the questions centered on "Hollywood" and Johnson didn't know Williams yet.

The conversation between the two has everyone on the same page heading into the season.

“I cleared the air and was like, ‘Hey, that wasn’t what it was supposed to be, I don’t know you,’” Johnson said. “He hit me and was like, ‘Hey, I’m a winner, I just want to win.’ We had that conversation. I’m like it’s all good. Then I talked a little trash about Utah and USC, and it was all good.”

Johnson has a new contract to go with his new teammate and the hope in Chicago is that the two players are anchoring a winning team in the years to come.