Jason Witten picks up where he left off with 1st-half TD in return to Cowboys

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When Jason Witten caught his first pass from Dak Prescott on Sunday, he received a rousing ovation from the Dallas Cowboys home crowd.

When his second catch was good for a touchdown to give the Cowboys a 14-7 lead over the New York Giants, his decision to leave the Monday Night Football booth to return to the field looked that much better.

Witten, Zeke a dangerous goal-line combo

The Cowboys ran a play-action bootleg on first-and-goal from the four-yard line that saw Prescott fake a handoff to newly signed Pro Bowl running back Ezekiel Elliott.

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The decoy worked to perfection as Prescott rolled out to his right to find Witten wide open in the flat where he caught Prescott’s pass and trotted in to the end zone untouched.

So far so good in Jason Witten's return to the Cowboys from the Monday Night Football booth. (Getty)
So far so good in Jason Witten's return to the Cowboys from the Monday Night Football booth. (Getty)

Classic Witten

It was the exact kind of play the Cowboys brought the savvy veteran and 11-time Pro Bowl tight end back into the huddle for.

Witten did his part to sell the run play, engaging in a run block on the right side of the line, before breaking off for the easy touchdown with Giants safety Michael Thomas hopelessly chasing him into the end zone.

Witten’s stint in the Monday Night Football booth was met with widespread criticism. His talent and value as a tight end for the Cowboys was never in question.

Collision with Giants CB results in weirdness

Witten’s return wasn’t without a bizarre moment, however.

A collision with Giants cornerback Antonio Hamilton resulted in the cleats of the two players becoming completely stuck together. Trainers eventually had to cut the cleats’ laces apart to free the player.

Even with Witten beginning his 16th season, we’re still seeing something new from the tight end.

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