James Harden, Kevin Durant react to being named to the NBA 75th anniversary team

In celebration of the NBA’s 75th anniversary, players are being awarded for their brilliance on the court. The NBA has compiled a list of the 75 greatest players of all-time, and both Kevin Durant and James Harden were included as active players.

Upon finding out the news on Tuesday night, Harden opened up on how special of a feeling this is for him to achieve such a feat.

“Wow … wow. Just coming from where I’m coming from man, just to even be in the NBA that was a far-fetched dream. To even be an NBA basketball player, that was unheard of. Not just making it, but sustaining it was a different type of mountain you got to climb. And then to be one of the best basketball players is a whole different mountain. It’s just a testament to the work I put in and I continue to put in until I can’t play anymore. Obviously I haven’t reached the ultimate goal, which is a championship, but that’s what keeps me working and going hard every single day because that’s the end goal.”

Durant was told the news before the game against the Bucks on Tuesday. For him, making it on that list means everything.

“It means a lot. It means everything to be honest. You want to leave your mark in this league, on the game of basketball itself. To be amongst the greatest that this game has ever seen, just to be in that same company is pretty sweet. As a kid, I’ve seen a 50th anniversary and always jumped with one of those jackets on and being amongst that group and being a part of that brotherhood.”