Jamal Mashburn is a pizza-making, onion-frying entrepreneur

Kenny Anderson and Nate Archibald are legitimate post-NBA success stories. Getting a degree — or several advanced degrees in Archibald's case — after years of professional basketball is very awesome, no doubt about that. But without disparaging those amazing accomplishments, let me offer forth Jamal Mashburn as the king of retired basketball triumphs.

Mashburn did have a successful stint in the NBA with averages of 19.1 points, 5.4 rebounds and 4.0 assists per game, and making the All-Star team in 2003. Not to mention, he did make a total of $75,623,634 during his 13 NBA seasons and hasn't blown it all like some of his former NBA pals.

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Chill bro Aron Phillips of Dime Magazine interviewed the former Maverick/Heat/Hornet and discovered just what Mashburn has been doing since his retirement in 2006.

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Dime: So what have you been up to since you retired?

Jamal Mashburn: Lot of things. I started with ESPN four years ago. Lots of people don't know but I was a communications major in college. I didn't anticipate doing what I studied in college, but when I finished my basketball career it made sense. I've always been in business and own franchises of Papa John's, Dunkin' Donuts and Outback Steakhouse, as well as car dealerships. I own over 34 Outbacks, 37 Papa John's and dealerships in Kentucky. I've always wanted to carry a briefcase. It's just something you want to do growing up in NYC. When I was younger, I always wondered what was in them.

Yeah, yeah — Michael Jordan owns a basketball team. Well, Jamal Mashburn owns 71 restaurants. That's just an incredible amount of Papa John's Pizzas and Outback Steakhouses, you guys. Noted Outback fans Steve Carell and LeBron James will be thrilled to hear this news, as I have been assured that they are both regular Ball Don't Lie readers.

All joking aside, it's really great that Jamal Mashburn is a successful business owner alongside being a decent NBA commentator. Not a bad lot in life after a good NBA career, especially when you realize that he gets all the free pizza and Bloomin' Onions he can handle. It might not be good for business, but here's hoping Mashburn takes advantage of those extraordinary perks.


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