Neither boxers nor MMA fighters are impressed with Jake Paul after win over Tyron Woodley

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Jake Paul's foray into the boxing world continued with a split-decision win over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley on Sunday. Both the boxing and MMA worlds still aren't very impressed.

Woodley was easily the biggest challenge of Paul's so-called boxing career so far. Previously, his opponents had consisted of a YouTuber, another YouTuber, a former NBA player and a different UFC fighter in Ben Askren. Adding a different UFC fighter, albeit one with more punching power than Askren, didn't do much to change several professional fighters' minds.

The fight itself was highly uneventful for the first three rounds, with Woodley looking like a fish out of water in the ring. The 39-year-old fighter seemed to find a groove in the fourth round when he landed a hard left to Paul's face, but didn't do enough to overcome Paul's lead in points.

The end result was a win for Paul, something most professional fighters weren't happy to see.

There were some MMA fighters who kept their disdain simple.

There were also some others who seemed to think Woodley had victory in his grasp only to miss the opportunity.

And many simply felt bad that Woodley, once one of the best fighters the UFC had to offer, had fallen as far as facing Paul. They did respect the reason why, though. Specifically, money.

Meanwhile, several boxers felt it was charitable to even call the proceedings "boxing."

No matter the thoughts of the people Paul hopes to call his peers one day, the YouTuber winning means his trek into the boxing world will continue. And it's hard to see many of those fighters turning down the potential payday a bout against him would offer.