Is Will Howard Ohio State’s starting quarterback this season? | College Football Enquirer

Yahoo Sports national columnist Dan Wetzel and senior college football reporter Ross Dellenger are joined by Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde to discuss the Buckeyes’ spring quarterback battle and what new offensive coordinator Chip Kelly might do under center. Hear the full conversation on the “College Football Enquirer” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

DAN WETZEL: I will say this reading up on the Ohio State game. I don't know that anyone's happier in life right now than Chip Kelly seems to be. This is just-- he's loving it. He's coaching football. He's letting Ryan handle-- Ryan's got to deal with all the crap. Chip's just coaching ball. And he's got quarterbacks after quarterbacks to work with.

ROSS DELLENGER: I mean, we're thinking it's going to Will Howard, right? I'm guessing he had plenty of suitors coming out of Kansas State that he could have gone to. And I don't know why he would have left there had he not-- wink, wink, right-- been kind of promised the starting job. I mean, that's something that coaches hate to do and certainly don't reveal publicly. But that would be shocking, I feel like, if he wasn't.

But you know it's happened in the past. Who was it-- was it last year? Oh, Ole Miss. Spencer Sanders from Oklahoma State is the one I'm thinking of, yeah. But I mean, Spencer Sanders, I thought he left a pretty good situation, I thought, at Oklahoma State. And so he didn't start. So maybe-- who knows? I mean, that was a little different situation with Jaxson Dart, I guess, there. But yeah, I would think that he's a pretty big favorite, Will Howard is, to win that job.

PAT FORDE: Chip's a little bit of a contrarian. He's the kind of guy that gets in there and says, oh, well, all the hype says it's supposed to be this guy? Well, what about that guy? I'm not sure he'd make a decision purely based on contrarianness, but he might want to withhold-- or hold open a competition longer because of it.

DAN WETZEL: Chip likes a running quarterback, and Will Howard can do that some. Passed for 61.3% completion last year, his first time he got over 60. That's the one thing about Will Howard I'm not sure. 24 touchdowns, 10 interceptions. However, the receiving corps he will be working with is a considerable difference. Yeah, slightly better than the one at Every Man a Wildcat. So no offense to K-State.