'Heart says yes... brain says no chance'

Your views

We asked you how you are feeling before Thursday's winner takes all play-off semi final second-leg at Elland Road.

Are you confident Daniel Farke's men can get you to the final?

Here are some of your comments:

Dave: The international break seemed to have knocked us off course and although my heart says yes, my head says we will miss out sadly.

Gray: Our only hope is for Bamford and Piroe to both be injured so we can play a centre-forward who can actually score goals. Step forward Mateo Joseph - this is your chance to write your name into Leeds United history.

Balboa: I would be hopeful if I could see where goals were coming from for Leeds. Aside from the freakish Middlesbrough game, we have scored two in six. Our best striker can not finish (and is regularly injured) and our best finisher does not work in our system. Adopting a 4-6-0 formation versus Norwich also suggests a conservative approach to the play-offs from Farke. I will say a 4/10 chance.

Vince: I have supported Leeds for 60 years, so my heart says yes of course we will be promoted. However, my brain says no chance. The obvious selection should be Southampton, as they have destroyed Leeds both home and away. Many of the players are underperforming, so maybe there are rumours of leavers and that is upsetting the others?

Ricky: A month ago I would have said Leeds would walk it against any opposition, but they have been pretty dire as the season drew to a close. I am banking on the players finding their mojo again in the nick of time and winning promotion!

Steve: I do not want to be negative, but as a 57-year-old Leeds fan, boy does my club test my patience! Sorry but we lose 1-2 on Thursday night, in fact make that 0-2 as I cannot see where our next goal is coming from.