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Everybody loves John Daly ... or, at least, everybody likes making fun of him. Whether it's wearing wacky pants or smashing cameras or teeing off beer cans, Daly gives us no end of material. He's the beer-drinkin', hell-raising sonovagun we'd all love to hang with ... but wouldn't want hanging around too long. He's a walking country song, a pileup on the highway that keeps sending new cars flying into the wreckage.

Or at least, he was. Daly has had so many second chances that when he declared earlier this year that he was getting himself cleaned up and straightened out, almost nobody took him seriously. Sure, John. Have another drink and go beat somebody up, willya? But Daly persisted. He slimmed down -- with a little medical help, yes, but still -- got himself some new endorsements lined up, and started playing some solid golf.

And here he is, sitting at even par midway through the third round of the British Open. He's playing extraordinarily well on a day when many others are sliding backward -- or, in the case of Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim, flying home. It's beyond impressive, it's quite literally unbelievable.

John Daly, just five strokes off the lead on a British Open Saturday. Who would've imagined it? And would anything he does next surprise you?


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