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Ah, golf announcing. So much time to speak, so much room to make a horrible mistake, as Andrew Magee found out last weekend.

Now, the FBR Open is, as we discussed in this space a week or so ago, an insane booze party frequently interrupted with golf. And at such parties, it's likely that someone may choose to wear a t-shirt that's perhaps a little inappropriate. But repeating what that shirt says ... not such a bright idea.

Magee, wandering the course for The Golf Channel, told fellow analyst Gary McCord that he'd just seen a guy wearing a t-shirt that said, "I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating a Brownie." I sincerely hope we don't need to explain to you why some people might find that offensive. (Aside: why do we assume it's a sexually suggestive remark? Could be about cannibalism, not that that's any better.)

Anyway, McCord wisely kept his mouth shut, and several agonizing seconds of dead air followed Magee's remark, during which Magee surely wished he could disappear into his own navel. Magee has been "disciplined" but apparently not suspended.

As Steve Elling notes, this is the third time in a year that Golf Channel announcers have been disciplined for on-air commentary, following Kelly Tilghman's infamous "lynching" remark and Dottie Pepper's dismissal of American golfers as "choking dogs" in the Solheim Cup.

You know what? Who cares, I say. We start muzzling these announcers too much, we're going to end up losing out on David Feherty's genius material. One awkward joke a week is a small price to pay.

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