Giants' Adoree' Jackson looking forward to rematch with Cowboys' CeeDee Lamb in Week 1

Sep 26, 2022; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb (88) makes a touchdown catch over New York Giants cornerback Adoree' Jackson (22) during the second half at MetLife Stadium.

In Week 3 of the 2022 season, the Dallas Cowboys scored 10 points in the fourth quarter and beat the Giants, 23-16, thanks to WR CeeDee Lamb's go-ahead, one-handed touchdown grab.

That catch is something New York corner Adoree' Jackson said he hasn't forgotten about. Especially because he was injured for the second matchup against Dallas and didn't get the opportunity to go up against Lamb again.

"We talked about on the sideline, me and Rome [DB coach Jerome Henderson] did," Jackson told reporters. "I remember that vividly, asking what I could have done better, this, that, and the third. Played it through the hands, played it through the pocket, it was one of those where the quarterback put it where he needed to put it. He stuck his left hand out there and caught it one-handed.

"So, it was one of those things where you don't really harp too much on it. It's one of those things where it could go 50/50, could have been a bad throw, doesn't catch it or whatever it may be, I can get my hand on it. Just for me, just keep playing my technique, playing your game. It’s never a situation where you go out of your frame of work, you go out of your frame of body and think that you need to do anything different. Just keep doing what you've been doing and go from there."

Jackson won't have to wait long to get his rematch, as the Giants take on the Cowboys in Week 1 on Sunday at 8:20 p.m. Still, the play is something that sticks with him.

"It was a great throw and catch," Jackson said. "Caught it kind of, not on his helmet, but dang near. Threw that way. We always talk about when we are playing in the red zone, make sure that they throw it to the back pylon, which they did, you don’t want to have anything cross your face or be anything in front of you, playing low to the hip. Just a great throw and catch, it’s just one of those things you just nod your head, tip your hat off to them and just keep back lining it up."

The CB was asked how much he takes matchups with wide receivers as good as Lamb personally, and added that he has the same attitude every time he's on the field.

"I think not just receivers like him, I think across the league you take those matchups personally, because at the end of the day, you only get — it’s not like basketball, where you can play someone twice, four times, however many times or whatever it may be," Jackson said. "It's all about taking this series personal because you never know when it’ll be your last snap.

"As you said, I played them Week 1, looking forward to playing them a second time, wasn't able to be out there. I think every matchup that I go against, regardless of who it is at receiver, who the team is, you take it personal and want to go out there and showcase and display your best."

Jackson will line up against Lamb more this time around, as he'll be playing the nickel position and defending the opposing team's slot receiver most of the time. With Lamb playing a majority of his snaps out of the slot, Jackson was asked if the matchup had anything to do with the slight change in position.

"I don’t think this game in particular, I think it was just about the season in general," Jackson said. "The long haul, obviously just trying to go 1-0, but I think it was more of just a trajectory of what do we want to do throughout the season and to experience and get some trial out at the nickel position."

He added on Lamb: "Just exceptional talent and I think when you have a quarterback and receiver that are on the same page, you can look at numerous duos and they are their favorite target and give them the ball, a lot of things can happen. I think he’s a tremendous talent, a tremendous athlete and works hard and does the right things right for the organization over there."

Jackson then discussed how the conversation about him switching to nickel came up, saying he's "ecstatic and excited about the opportunity" and will give it his all.

"The first time they mentioned the nickel position was actually like last year," Jackson said. "We talked about it; I played there a little bit. When it came about this year it was more of a – we talked about a déjà vu moment. Been there, done that, had that conversation and talk.

"For me, I was ecstatic and excited about the opportunity that I was going to be able to have in that position and at the end of the day it’s all about ‘we over me,’ that we talked about and understanding that if that’s where Wink [DC Wink Martindale] and the rest of the staff sees fits best, then I’m going to go out there and play it to the best of my ability and give it 100 percent effort."