Giancarlo Stanton disses Marlins organization in farewell Instagram post

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It was a big weekend for Giancarlo Stanton. He went from being a lifelong member of the Miami Marlins to a brand new member of the New York Yankees. His no-trade clause took him exactly where he wanted to go: a city, and organization, and a team that can help him win a ring.

But it’s not like Stanton could ever forget about the Marlins and their supportive fans. On Monday he posted a goodbye message to Instagram, thanking the fans and his Marlins teammates, and letting a little of his real feelings show through.

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Have you found the Giancarlo Stanton easter egg in this Instagram post? Here’s the key line:

“I’ve always tried to be as professional as possible during the unprofessional , circus times there!”

“Unprofessional circus times!” Let that sink in. That’s how Giancarlo Stanton, who was the face of the Marlins until just a few days ago, referred to how things went down with his now-former team. Considering how badly Marlins CEO and part-owner Derek Jeter has handled this whole affair (and everything else since taking over the Marlins), “unprofessional circus times” might be a generous understatement.

Giancarlo Stanton loves Marlins fans, but doesn’t have the same feelings about the Marlins organization. (AP)
Giancarlo Stanton loves Marlins fans, but doesn’t have the same feelings about the Marlins organization. (AP)

Stanton had more to say about the Marlins during his introductory press conference on Monday afternoon.

Stanton also spoke about his meeting with Jeter. The two discussed their ideas for the direction of the team, and while Stanton thought the Marlins’ lineup was “legit” and should be added to so the team could move forward, Jeter wanted to “subtract.” And that’s not what Stanton wanted to be part of.

Stanton did have a little advice for heartbroken Marlins fans. He told them to “hang in there,” and one more thing:

It sounds like he’s trying to tell them to stay away, but he’s not. Leaving Miami is tough for Stanton, but for fans, watching Stanton leave the Marlins is also hard. So don’t watch too close, or you’ll feel the heartbreak all over again. It couldn’t be clearer that Stanton still cherishes Marlins fans, and hopes things get better in the future. It’ll just have to get better without him.

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