Gegard Mousasi frustrated by ‘radio silence’ from PFL, feeling pressured to ‘take a pay cut’

Gegard Mousasi hasn’t competed in 11 months, and currently sees no end in sight to his inactivity under Bellator’s new management with PFL.

Mousasi (49-9-2), a former Bellator and Strikeforce champion, last stepped into the cage in May when he suffered a unanimous decision loss to Fabian Edwards. He knew PFL’s acquisition was coming prior to it being made official, so he expected a transition period. However, it’s been a more challenging situation than he could have ever imagined.

Simply put, Mousasi has no idea the future of his fighting career. He said he currently has three fights remaining on the deal he signed with Bellator that was part of the PFL purchase, but feels like he’s been frozen out because ownership doesn’t want to make good on the terms of his contract.

“I’ve been training in and out a little bit because I don’t get any news from the PFL or Bellator – people think I’m retired actually,” Mousasi told MMA Junkie on Monday. “I’m waiting for a fight. I have a contract with them but it feels like they don’t feel obligated to the contract.

“I knew there would be the sale. After that, there was no communication. We tried to contact PFL to get more information about what’s going on, what they want to do next. But it feels like they’re ignoring us. I talked to Mike (Kogan). He went from Bellator to PFL. I told him, ‘Give me information what you want to do with me.’ They keep me on ice, let’s say. They feel like I’m getting paid too much. They don’t want to give me the fights. They owe me. But I know from other fighters that made the same, they fought already. There’s no effort from them.”

Mousasi said his management is activity trying to get answers from the PFL in the most professional way possible. Taking his gripes public is not his preferred method, but the 38-year-old, who would be ready to jump into a training camp immediately, thinks voicing his frustrations through the media is the only move left at this point.

“The problem is my manager tried to contact them and they don’t even respond,” Mousasi said. “There’s no effort to promote or get me a fight. It’s radio silence with them. People think I’m retired. They’re trying to be No. 2 organization in the world, but I think at least what they can do is tell me what their plans are with me.

“I know they owe me a fight. They have a contract with me. They want to maybe put pressure on me to take a pay cut. But why would I do that? I know they owe me fights. I know better, let’s say that.”

Mousasi made his MMA debut in April 2003. During his decorated run in the sport, he has fought everywhere from PRIDE to DREAM to Strikeforce to UFC. He said he’s very familiar with the “politics” of the sport, but has never dealt with such a frustrating situation before.

“I know my rights with what’s in the contract,” Mousasi said. “I’m waiting for them to respond and give me a fight. This is my way to send a message to them at least, because it’s difficult to get them on the phone. I have to go media. It’s like UFC cutting fighters and they find out online. I have to communicate through media with them. It’s crazy.

“Every promotion has its own thing. UFC would give me every three, four months a fight, but they wouldn’t pay me enough. Bellator, they paid me more, but I would fight a lot less. Now with PFL, they don’t even give me a fight. This is the worst, I think. They don’t even talk to you. It’s like an ex-girlfriend or something.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie