Ohio State QB the latest to tweet about NCAA rules after estimate of program's value

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Don’t kid yourself if you think players aren’t becoming more and more aware of the NCAA’s flawed system.

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal cited an analysis that the Ohio State football team would be worth $1.5 billion if it was a sports team available for bidding on the open market. The Buckeyes were one of three programs with an estimated value of over $1 billion.

OSU backup quarterback Joey Burrow clearly saw that report.

As you likely know, college athletes are prohibited from being compensated based on their status as an athlete. If that free hamburger Burrow references is free because he’s an Ohio State quarterback, then it’s a no-go.

At least Burrow can take solace that he doesn’t really need a free hamburger from a restaurant? After NCAA rule changes in 2015, athletes now have unlimited access to meals and snacks in team training and dining facilities. He can get all his sustenance from Ohio State, even if he can’t sign an endorsement deal.

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