Fantasy Football: What bummed us out the most in the 2022 season?

As much fun as it is to play fantasy football, we all know that every season — while unique in its own way — always brings its fair share of disappointments. And sometimes it goes beyond just one highly drafted player not living up to their ADP. Sometimes it's an entire position that lets us down. Or a real-life team that many expect to be a fantasy wonderland ends up being a fantasy nightmare.

So, what were the biggest bummers of 2022? Fantasy football analysts Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski make their picks in the video above.

2022's biggest fantasy football disappointments

Scott's been playing fantasy for a long time, but even he can't remember a season where quarterback was such an absolute mess. Let's list them out, shall we?

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson (3) was a fantasy disappointment
Russell Wilson's struggles in 2022 sunk the entire Broncos offense's fantasy value. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Fantasy quarterback looks like it's going to be a position to cause irritation moving forward; while it might seem deep, if you don't hit on the right signal-caller, you could end up with a negative situation that reverberates down your lineup all season long.

And of course, while QB was bad, it paled in comparison to tight end in 2022. Aside from Travis Kelce (how many times has that been written?), the position was a nightmare mash-up of subpar performers and immense disappointments.

So, too, was the rookie running back class from a fantasy perspective. While not as mind-numbingly frustrating as QB or TE, the 2022 first-year runners weren't exactly replete with league-winners, either.

Check out Scott and Matt's full breakdown of their top bummers of 2022 in the video above!