Fantasy Basketball Podcast: NBA updates, 'The Last Dance,' and Michael Jordan, college GOAT?

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Welcome back! In this week's episode, Andy Behrens and Dalton Del Don break down the latest happenings in the NBA and fantasy world.

The NBA is continuing to maneuver around and through the current situation with Mark Cuban backing off a bit on his previous comments about a June return to action, and with Austin Rivers providing an idea on how it could return. (02:30)

Elsewhere in the NBA world, Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers players are officially symptom-free, while ESPN has been sharing a lot of Michael Jordan news of late.

First up, Jordan won ESPN’s College Basketball GOAT bracket. No shade to Jordan, but we might need to organize a Lew Alcindor highlight watch party. (10:15)

In a move widely applauded by sports-craving fans everywhere, ESPN announced they’d be releasing “The Last Dance” later this month, ahead of its original release date. The 10-part documentary focuses on Michael Jordan’s 1997-98 title-winning season, his last with the Chicago Bulls. (16:54)

And Andy shares his thoughts on the 1988 NBA All-Star Game in Chicago, a low-key classic headlined by Jordan, but also features an All-Star appearance by Danny Ainge who came ready to shoot! (37:45)

If you need more fantasy sports content in your lives, Yahoo Fantasy Football is still going strong. We’re doing a series this month on the players you need to know in the NFL draft

Is Michael Jordan the greatest college basketball player of all time? (No, no he is not)
Is Michael Jordan the greatest college basketball player of all time? (No, no he is not)

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