Ex-Celtics point guard Malcolm Brogdon takes a shot at his former team

Former Boston Celtics point guard Malcolm Brogdon recently let it slip that he did not especially feel appreciated by his former team during his time in Boston. “When I was first traded, I viewed it as an opportunity,” said Brogdon via The Athletic’s Jason Quick. “I was excited to be with a championship coach. And I was excited to go from a place where I wasn’t as valued, and go to place where I am very valued.”

“I was there for a year, won Sixth Man of the Year, and they shipped me out,” added Brogdon on his inclusion in the trade that would bring Jrue Holiday to the Celtics in the 2023 offseason.

“So … I didn’t feel very valued there,” he explained. “Here, I feel valued. Portland has embraced me. And I’ve enjoyed being coached by Chauncey (Billups).”

In fairness, Brogdon actually survived another deal that saw the team swap out a player (Marcus Smart) who had been with the team for nine seasons. After which, he requested a trade himself — and got one.

The NBA is a business, and it’s clear the Celtics did value his play. But the status quo was not enough, leading to a number of valued Boston players getting dealt.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire