Elkhart boys win Goshen Relays

GOSHEN — Friendly competition between teammates was on display Saturday at the Goshen Relays in the 100-meter boys race.

That was good news for the Elkhart boys team, as Nathan Munson beat Zach Anderson to win the event. Munson finished with a time of 11.25, while Anderson had clocking of 11.38.

Those points helped the Lions win the Class A boys meet with 105 points. NorthWood finished second with an 82 total.

Three-time defending champion Penn was scheduled to attend, but because of the cold temperatures, chose not to compete.

"I came out here expecting to win, but my buddy Zach is good too," said Munson. "We talk some trash to each other, but we love each other."

Munson, like the other athletes competing at the Relays, fought through the cold temperatures and wind.

"Hard work and perseverance pulled me through," Munson said. "You can't complain. Everyone was under the same circumstances.

"This gives me a lot of confidence for the rest of the season. I feel like I can go out and compete against a lot of people. I feel like I'm one of the better runners in the area."

Another winner for Elkhart was Trinton Harris, who won the high jump with a jump of 6-2.

"I just work hard and try to win," said Harris. "I wanted to make sure I was warm today before I competed. I feel good about winning. I want to do well for my family, my teammates and my coaches."

Other winners for the Lions were Nicholas Edwards in the long jump, (20-9.75), the 3,200-meter relay team of Max Huckleberry, Jackson Ezzell, Max Malloy and Aaron Richter (8:27) and distance medley relay team of Malloy, Ezzell, Huckleberry and Richter (10:51.05).

Malloy, Richter, Ezzell and Ernest McClain competed on Saturday for Elkhart after running less than 24 hours earlier at the Carmel Distance Showcase.

"(At Carmel) Max ran a 9:13, Aaron ran a 9:17 and they both came back today," said Elkhart coach Adam Homo. "Aaron was about a 4:30 in the mile in the (distance medley relay), which is impressive after last night. Jackson Ezell ran a 10:13 (at Carmel). He also ran well today.

"I knew we would do pretty well in the high jump and long jump. Connor Thomas threw 45-foot in the shot put and that's like a three-foot improvement for him. Trenton (Bias) had a little bit of down today, but he still scored for us in the discus (4th, 139-5). Zach and Munson did a great job in the sprints and held us down there.

"I think our kids overall did a great job and were focused. We were complaining about the weather when we first got here, especially when the snow came. For us, it's a learning experience. We're still trying to put together a team."

Others in Class A that were area champions for the boys were Concord's Donovan Arnold in the discus (147-0), NorthWood's Tyler Bowman in the shot put (50-9), Northridge's Marc Hernandez, Brady Hicks, Trevin Schlabach and Xavier Miller in the 3,200-meter relay (8:31), NorthWood's Gavin Rulli, Trey Woods, Logan Becker and Wyatt Mast in the 400-meter relay (44.52), Northridge's Chase Aplin, Tre Copeland, Jacob Wetzel and Mikey Squiers in the 400-meter relay (44.56), Northridge's Xavier Miller in the 1,600 (4:33), Northridge's Wetzel, Schlabach, Joe Keyser and Baylor Miller in the 1,600 sprint medley relay (3:50) and Goshen's Guy Branam, Jonathon Flores, Sebastian Chavoyo and Lincoln Clark in the 1,600 sprint medley (3:58) and Northridge's David Gingerich, Schlabach, Xavier Miller and Max Estep in the 1,600-meter relay (3:38).

"It's really nice," Xavier Miller said about winning the 1,600. "There were also some other good runners in that race. The wind on the home stretch was bad. My time wasn't great, but with the wind, that's OK."

In the boys for Class B, Fairfield was the champion with 80 points. LaVille finished second with 73.

An area champion in that competition were Fairfield's Nick Hofer in the shot put (49-0).

For the girls in Class A, Fort Wayne Northrop finished first with 140.5 points, while NorthWood was the runner-up with a 92.5 total.

The Panthers were led by Hannah Chupp, Claire Payne and Bridgette Stutsman. Chupp finished first in the 100 hurdles (17.03), while Payne was the champion in the high jump (4-10) and Stutsman was the champion in the pole vault (7-6).

"It was important to come into the meet today with a positive attitude," said Chupp about contending with the cold temperatures. "I also went into today confident with my training. I felt that hard work would help me be successful."

"It's been a journey this year," said Payne. "Last year my PR was 5-6. I've yet to get close to that this year. But every step of the way I'm just climbing higher."

Other area girls that were Class A first place finishers were Goshen Lindsay Rodman, Abigail Kratzer, Kassandra Ortega and Eliza Herbert in the distance medley relay (13:55).

In Class B for the girls, Hanover Central finished first with 110 points, which was 10 points better than second place Angola. Fairfield finished third with 96.

Fairfield champions were Jalyn Stofleth in the pole vault (9-0), Lyla Dennis, Katie Kuhn, Elli Yoder and Natalee Lambright in the 3,200-meter relay (11:00) and Emma Walter in the 100 meters (13.40).

Walter was no fan of the cold temperatures.

"I just wanted to get done and go home," said Walter. "I just kept my eyes on the finish line and ran fast."

The top scorer for the boys in Class A was Elkhart's Nicholas Edwards (18), while the leading scorer for the boys in Class B was LaVille's Michael Good (20.50).

The leading scorer for the girls in Class A was Fort Wayne Northrop's Alivia Rice (22.50), while the top scorer for the girls in Class B was Fairfield's Madelyn Culp (18).




Team scores: Elkhart 105, NorthWood 82, Northridge 72, Concord 70.5, Goshen 65.5, SB St. Joseph 59, FW Northrop 54, Columbia City 50, FW Snider 38, SB Adams 32, SB Washington 27, Wawasee 25, SB Riley 10, East Chicago Central 7, FW North Side 7.

First place and area in top 5

Long jump: Nicholas Edwards (Elk) 20-9.75, 4. Gavin Rulli (NW) 20-.50, 5. Isaiah Weishaupt (Gosh) 19-11.25.

High jump: Trinton Harris (Elk) 6-2, 2. Nicholas Edwards (Elk) 6-2, 3. Trenton Deaton (Con) 5-8.

Pole vault: Brady Farrell (SJ) 13-0, 2. Joe Mitschelen (NW) 12-0, 3. Brayden Wiese (Gos) and Lucas Green (Con) tied 10-6.

Discus: Donovan Arnold (Con) 147-0, 2. Christopher Adams (Con) 142-8, 3. Aaron Anglemyer (Gos) 141-4, Trenton Bias (Elk) 139-5.

Shot put: Tyler Bowman (NW) 50-9, 2. Max Parciak (NW) 46-3.50, 3. Christopher Adams (Con) 45-11.50, 4. Connor Thomas (Elk) 45-1, 5. Kamrin Lewis (Con) 43-2.

3200 relay: Elkhart (Max Huckleberry, Jackson Ezzell, Max Malloy, Aaron Richter) 8:27; 3. Concord 8:42.

3200 relay: Northridge (Marc Hernandez, Brady Hicks, Trevin Schlabach, Xavier Miller) 8:31; 5. NorthWood 8:47.

110 hurdles: Javon Westfield (FWN) 15.89, 5. Hayden Lechlitner (NW) 16.66.

400 relay: NorthWood (Gavin Rulli, Trey Woods, Logan Becker, Wyatt Mast) 44.52; 2. Goshen 45.32.

400 relay: Northridge (Chase Aplin, Tre Copeland, Jacob Wetzel, Mikey Squiers) 44.56.

Distance medley: Elkhart (Max Malloy, Jackson Ezzell, Max Huckleberry, Aaron Richter) 10:51; 3. Northridge 10:57; 4. Goshen 11:17.

800 relay: Northridge (Tre Copeland, Jaden Fisher, Jacob Wetzel, Mikey Squiers) 1:32.

800 relay: St. Joseph (Samuel Harshman, Cle Kimbrough, Jack Moran, Richard Halliburton) and NorthWood (Gavin Rulli, Logan Becker, Michael Anderson, Wyatt Mast) 1:34.06; 3. Concord 1:34.36; 5. Elkhart 1:36.

1600: Xavier Miller (NR) 4:33, 3. Dorian Diaz (Gos) 4:37, 4. Owen Allen (NW) 4:40, 5. Trevor Becker (Elk) 4:46.

1600: Gavin Good (Col. City) 4:34, 3. Marc Hernandez (NR) 4:38, 5. Jaxson Meyer (Con) 4:46.

Sprint medley relay: Northridge (Jacob Wetzel, Trevin Schlabach, Joe Keyser, Baylor Miller) 3:50; 2. Concord 3:51; NorthWood 3:52.

Sprint medley relay: Goshen (Guy Branam, Jonathon Flores, Sebastian Chavoyo, Lincoln Clark) 3:58; Elkhart 4:07.

100: Nathan Munson (Elk) 11.25, 2. Zach Anderson (Elk) 11.38, 3. Wyatt Mast (NW) 11.68, 5. Gabe Janisse (Gos) 11.83.

1600 relay: Snider (Josh Roper, Loukmane Boro, Marv Sanchez-Garcia, Ethan Pierre-Louis) 3:32; 3. NorthWood 3:42, 4. Elkhart 3:46; 5. Goshen 3:48.

1600 relay: Northridge (David Gingerich, Trevin Schlabach, Xavier Miller, Max Estep) 3:38.


Team scores: Fairfield 80, LaVille 73, Angola 72, Westview 70.5, Bremen 68, Wabash 62, Culver Academies 55, West Noble 50, Lakeland 41, Trinity Greenlawn 38, Tippecanoe Valley 38, Hanover Central 35.5, Central Noble 24, Marian 22, Prairie Heights 12, Bishop Noll 8, St. Thomas More Academy 7, Whitko 6.

Top finisher and area in top five

Long jump: Redick Zolman (CN) 20-10.

High jump: Keithyn Duncan (Ang) 5-8.

Pole vault: Lincoln Hulsey (LaV) 14-0.

Discus: Michael Good (LaV) 168-7, 2. Ethan Hochstetler (FF) 144-11, 3. Nick Hofer (FF) 137-4.

Shot put: Nick Hofer (FF) 49-0, 4. Ethan Hochstetler (FF) 46-6.

3200 relay: Culver (Dionte Obertein, Chris Sorg, Landon Uher, Adrian Rodarte) 8:59; 2. Fairfield 9:03.

3200 relay: Bremen (Matthew Urbina, Dylan Goff, Luke Kincaid, Hudson Fox) 8:26.

110 hurdles: Spencer Stout (Wab) 15.83, 5. Caleb Silliman (FF) 18.31.

400 relay: West Noble (Drew Yates, Jaylun Shaffer, Xavier Yates, Seth Pruitt) 45.10.

400 relay: Central Noble (Redick Zolman, Branson Klink, Cameron Elias, Devin Hiestand) 44.81; 4. Fairfield 45.29.

Distance medley: Westview (Noah Bontrager, Bentley Ryall, Aidan McBride, Nick Bontrager) 11:01.

800 relay: Tippecanoe Valley (Owen Omondi, Brason Smith, Nathan Parker, Wade Jones) 1:35; 3. Fairfield 1:37.

800 relay: Angola (Hawkins, Hasselman, Tyler Blum, Benjamin Thomas, Jackson Smith) 1:36.

1600: Liam Lee (Trinity) 4:37.

1600: Luke Kincaid (Bremen) 4:38.

1600 sprint medley relay: Bremen (Tyrus Graverson, Dylan Goff, Hudson Fox, Luke Kincaid) 3:44; Fairfield 4:27.

1600 sprint medley relay: Angola (Thomas Caswell III, Alex Thomas, Gavin Kuhn, Kaden Klink) 3:51.

100: Coleson Kugler (Wab) 11.37, 3. Waylon Herschberger (FF) 11.88, 4. Marco Garcia (FF) 12.15.

1600 relay: Angola (Hawkins Hasselman, Ayden Copeland, Benjamin Thomas, Gavin Kuhn) 3:36.

1600 relay: Culver (Jaxon Warner, Will Dupuis, Dionte Obertein, John Afari-Aikins) 3:39.


Team scores: FW Northrop 140.5, NorthWood 92.5, Goshen 75, Wawasee 55.5, SB St. Joseph 55, SB Adams 49.5, FW Snider 26, SB Riley 20.

Top finisher and area in top five

Long jump: Alivia Rice (FWN) 17-4.75.

High jump: Claire Payne (NW) 4-10, 5. Valeria Chavoyo Lopez (Gos) 4-4.

Pole vault: Bridgette Stutsman (NW) 7-6, 3. Zion Miller (Gos) 7-0.

Discus: Enma Yoder (Waw) 137-1.

Shot put: Samra Rouser (SBA) 34-1.

3200 relay: Wawasee (Mia Hodgson, Addison Powell, Jasmine Hernandez, Reese Beasley) 10:31; 5. Goshen 10:56.

100 hurdles: Hannah Chupp (NW) 17.03, 5. Abigail Kratzer (Gos) 18.85.

400 relay: Riley (Samara Ford, Keyeira Burton, Kayla Wright, Karis Johnson) 51.54; 2. NorthWood 51.55; 4. Goshen 52.04.

Distance medley: Goshen (Lindsay Rodman, Abigail Kratzer, Kassandra Ortega, Eliza Herbert) 13:55.

800 relay: Northrop (Emory Majors, Aniyah Latimore, Alasia Greene, Nelly Vaughn) 1:49; 2. Goshen 1:50; 3. NorthWood 1:52.

1600: Isabella Valencia (FWN) 5:41, 2. Sydney Prenkert (NW) 5:44, 3. Eliza Herber (Gos) 5:46, 4. Jetcimani Ced (Gos) 5:53.

1600 sprint medley relay: St. Joseph (Michelle Carter, Chymira Crawford, Sara Prokop, Lauren Frick) 4:30; 4. NorthWood 4:42.59; 5. Goshen 4:42.94.

100: Nelly Vaughn (FWN) 12.87, 2. Kristina Petkova (Gos) 13.05, 4. Elayna Yoder (NW) 13.71, 5. Anna Roeder (NW) 13.94.

1600 relay: Northrop (Aniyah Lattimore, Emory Majors, Alasia Greene, Kalaeh Alexander) 4:24; 2. NorthWood 4:25; 3. Goshen 4:52.


Team scores: Hanover Central 110, Angola 100, Fairfield 96, Bremen 81, Tippecanoe Valley 52, Trinity Greenlawn 41.

Top finisher and area in top five

Long jump: Chesnee Miller (TV) 15-5, 3. Madelyn Culp (FF) 15-.50.

High jump: Brooke Edison (LaV) 5-0, 2. Claira Foust (FF) 5-0, 3. Madelyn Culp (FF) 5-0.

Pole vault: Jalyn Stofleth (FF) 9-0, 2. Shelby Miller (FF) 9-0.

Discus: Alyson O'Connell (HC) 108-6.

Shot put: Ava Cryderman (HC) 31-8.50, 5. Jacinda Brown (FF) 28-11.50.

3200 relay: Fairfield (Lyla Dennis, Katie Kuhn, Elli Yoder, Natalee Lambright) 11:00.

100 hurdles: Betty Shepherd (TV) 17.56, 3. Madelyn Culp (FF) 18.26.

400 relay: Bremen (Emma Kincaid, Sara Sahloff, Elle Libey, Kila Foster) 51.60.

Distance medley relay: Hanover Central (Kennedy Morgan, Regina Tozzi, Althea Zinmer, Audrey Zuzich) 14:21.

800 relay: Bremen (Emma Kincaid, Sara Sahloff, Elle Libey, Kila Foster) 1:49.

1600: Audrey Lee (Trinity) 5:37, 3. Natalee Lambright (FF) 5:41.

1600 sprint medley relay: Angola (Anna McClure, Jordan Davenport, Karleigh Gillen, B. Sanders-Underwood) 4:34.

100: Emma Walter (FF) 13.40.

1600 relay: Tippecanoe Valley (Ava Smith, Betty Shepherd, Hadley Wise, Chesnee Miller) 4:16; 5. Fairfield 4:38.