Eagles running back gets car from high school teacher after winning bet

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Eagles rookie Corey Clement picked up a car from an old teacher. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)
Eagles rookie Corey Clement picked up a car from an old teacher. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)

It’s unlikely the best football player from your high school will make it to the pros, but we wouldn’t recommend betting your car on it. Philadelphia Eagles running back Corey Clement’s high school guidance counselor found that out the hard way.

Clement dreamt about playing in the National Football League when he was a freshman at Glassboro High School in New Jersey. His guidance counselor heard about that, and told him she would give Clement her BMW if he ever made the NFL.

Though many years have passed, she still followed through with that promise.

The photos above show Clement in front of his “new” car, and presumably with his old guidance counselor’s family. It’s not technically new, as it belonged to them for quite some time, but it’s new to him.

Some have already pointed out a loophole Clement’s guidance counselor could have used to get out of the bet. In the post from her daughter’s Facebook page, it says the deal was that Clement would receive the car if he “was drafted to the NFL.”

If that was the actual bet, she technically won. Clement wasn’t drafted by a team. He signed with the Eagles as an undrafted free-agent. That hasn’t stopped him from being effective, though. Clement has managed 259 yards and four touchdowns with a limited workload during his rookie season.

We should note that this doesn’t seem like a “prove me wrong” type of bet. It looks like it was more of a motivating factor. Something that would help push Clement to achieve his goal. He not only did that, but he’s playing well. That’s good enough, in this case.

As you might suspect, we have a lot of questions. How many miles are on that car? What kind of high school guidance counselor drives a BMW to work? How can a high school guidance counselor afford to give a BMW away?

You can be cynical and question why a professional athlete deserves a free car, but keep in mind everyone involved seems happy in the pictures above. They don’t seem upset about parting ways with an old car, so it’s clearly something they can afford.

Also, we don’t know what Clement gave them in return. We’re guessing some signed memorabilia was exchanged. Not only that, but it’s still early in Clement’s career. If he ever gets a big contract, he’ll know what to do with some of that extra cash.

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