Draymond Green's heartfelt reason on why he brings children to podium

Draymond's heartfelt reason why he brings children to podium originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

With how hectic his schedule is, Draymond Green understands the importance of spending time with his children.

Speaking with reporters after the Warriors' 127-100 Game 2 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday at Chase Center, Green explained why he brings his two children with him during press conferences.

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"We miss so much time with our kids and I think that's every working parent, right? It's not just us as basketball players -- you have an obligation to provide for your child," Green said. "Growing up in the circumstances that I grew up in, you never want them to experience that.

"With that comes a lot of work and the times you miss, it sucks. I think anyone in here who's a parent understands that."

Green is a father of three children and added that he is thankful to the Warriors organization and the NBA for allowing players to bring their children to press conferences because, to Green, those experiences are "special."


The Warriors' defensive ace also shared that having children around helps "lighten" the mood of press conferences because the children's infectious energy helps the situation seem less serious.

"Our league embraces us having our children around and it's such a special thing because these are memories that'll last a lifetime," the 33-year-old continued. "And this is documented. Like I'll be able to find this interview forever, I'll be able to find these pictures forever and it's a special thing."

For as much of a competitor as he is on the hardwood, Green knows that there's more to life than just putting an orange ball in a hoop constantly.

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Being with family supersedes all and as a professional basketball player, Green often doesn't get a lot of time to spend with his two young children.

That said, Green is taking full advantage of the moments he does have with his children, even if it means bringing them along with him to press conferences.

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