When would you draft a QB + Super Bowl odds

Brad Thomas and Vaughn Dalzell are playing a game of "Would You Rather?" where they reveal their picks for a handful of markets including when they would draft a QB in the NFL Draft, Super Bowl winner and NBA Futures.

Video Transcript

BRAD THOMAS: Hi, I'm Brad Thomas here with Vaughn Dalzell. And we're going to play a game of would you rather? Vaughn, you're an NFL team that must take a quarterback in this year's draft. You have the choice of picking first overall or picking second, but you also get the 12th overall pick. Again, you must take a quarterback. Would you rather have the first overall or the second choice of quarterback, but you also get the 12th pick?

VAUGHN DALZELL: So, we've been doing this a couple of times now, Brad. And this is the most random question I've gotten so far. But I'm a firm believer that if you want your quarterback, you've got to go get him. So I'd rather be like Carolina, go up to number one overall, get your guy Bryce Young, and take him that way. But if you're a team like the Texans or somebody else, I don't blame you for wanting to build. But I prefer having the number one pick.

So let me ask you an NBA question then. Because I was blown away last night by seeing the Miami Heat come back once again and beat those Milwaukee Bucks. So now, they're underdogs in the second round series as well as the Denver Nuggets who, as you know, the one seed. So who would you rather have advance in the next series to the conference finals, Heat or the Nuggets?

BRAD THOMAS: Man, I think it's just the Himothy Butler show over in Miami.


BRAD THOMAS: The role players aren't doing enough there. But you want to talk about role players not doing enough? That's the Phoenix Suns. If the Phoenix Suns win the NBA championship, they're going to set a record for the lowest bench points scored in the playoffs.

VAUGHN DALZELL: They can do it.

BRAD THOMAS: So give me the Denver Nuggets. Their bench is not great, but I think they're deeper than the Phoenix Suns.

VAUGHN DALZELL: I don't like that one.

BRAD THOMAS: Let me ask you a question. OK, NBA, would you rather the Philadelphia 76ers at plus 750, or the Golden State Warriors at plus 700 to win the NBA title?

VAUGHN DALZELL: I would take the Sixers. Joel Embiid and the Sixers are getting that rest right now. That definitely has helped in the Eastern Conference. You've seen how weak they've been. The Celtics losing to the Hawks, blowing that lead, now the Heat are in. The Knicks are in. There's a lot of potential for an upset to happen here in the Eastern Conference.

So, I would take the regular season MVP to potentially be the Finals MVP, which doesn't happen too often here. So I like the Sixers. Let me ask you a question, because New York is standing up lately, Brad. You know Aaron Rodgers is in town. The Super Bowl odds now have gotten a little bit lower, a little bit shorter. Now, they're 14 to 1, the same as the Dallas Cowboys, Dak and the boys. So, who would you rather have to win the Super Bowl in 2024, the Jets or the Cowboys?

BRAD THOMAS: I think that's a no-brainer for me.


BRAD THOMAS: Yeah, I'm going to go with the Jets, right? Jets had an elite defense, one of the best defenses in the NFL. And they lacked consistency at the quarterback position. Now, they have a bunch of weapons with a MVP quarterback, who has a Super Bowl belt. Dak hasn't won anything. He especially doesn't win in the playoffs. So yeah, give me the Jets all day, every day. Jets fans should be happy with that trade, even though they got a little fleeced.

VAUGHN DALZELL: I can agree with you on that one. But with the Nuggets take, they're not being the Suns, bro. But that's why we're playing would you rather. That's Brad Thomas. I'm Vaughn Dalzell. We'll see you guys next time.