Does Jonathan Allen want to leave the Commanders?

Did Jonathan Allen tell the “Sports Junkies” Monday he wanted out of the Commanders organization?

What he did was admit, that in lots of losing with this organization, there have been times he thinks about if he is to win, it might have to be somewhere else.

“1,000 percent. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. I play this game to win, and I would love to win here, for sure. But I want to win, first and foremost.”

As recently as last Monday with the “Sports Junkies,” Allen said he was upset with the loss because, being from the Ashburn area, he was already a fan of the team years ago. Consequently, playing for Washington is more personal for Allen.

“That (winning) is always going to be at the front and center of my mind. Everything I am going to be doing in my career is making sure I have an opportunity to win.”

As for Sunday’s 45-15 home loss to Miami?

“Going into the game, we knew the Dolphins were the most explosive offense in the NFL, and they showed us yesterday why they are.”

With Jack Del Rio being fired by Ron Rivera last week, Rivera had said he would take over the defense.

“Coach Rivera took over the defensive meetings. He was very involved throughout the entire week. He’s been completely involved since things were changed after the Cowboys game.”

Allen said the game plan defensively was a bit different than Del Rio’s approach this season.

“We were definitely more aggressive, we did blitz more. But it was tough; I mean, you are going up against one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. That was a tough matchup regardless.”

The defense was unable to put pressure on Tua Tagovailoa for nearly the entire game, as he’s known for getting rid of the ball quickly.

“I always try to tell myself whenever I am playing a quarterback who is playing the quick game, my job is to continue to try to beat the offensive lineman for the opportunity when he doesn’t throw the quick game, and you just got to be ready for it.”

When asked if Allen might be jealous of Chase Young, now with a Super Bowl contender (49ers), Allen did not hesitate to respond. “No, I am not jealous because it was my decision to sign back here. So, I don’t have buyer remorse.”

“I’m a firm believer that when you make a decision, you make it. You don’t look back. You move forward. With this team, I’ve made two Pro Bowls, I’ve signed the contract of my dreams. So to be jealous would be silly on my part because I’ve been truly blessed in this league.”

“But I do want to win, and you know everything I’m doing for me and my family is going to be to try to win.”

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire