Dodgers relentless trolling of Madison Bumgarner reaches new level

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There’s never been any love between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Madison Bumgarner. There was none gained on Thursday, either. Instead, the Dodgers ramped up their trolling efforts in what could prove to be a final sendoff.

The San Francisco Giants ace was making his first start at Dodger Stadium since his June 9 beef with Max Muncy. And if he ends up getting traded, it could be his last start there for awhile.

In other words, the Dodgers had plenty of motivation to send a message.

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They did not disappoint, relentlessly firing digs before Bumgarner was chased in the fourth inning of the Dodgers 9-8 win by an equally relentless offense.

The Dodgers welcomed Giants ace Madison Bumgarner to Dodger Stadium with all kinds of taunts. (AP)
The Dodgers welcomed Giants ace Madison Bumgarner to Dodger Stadium with all kinds of taunts. (AP)

Max Muncy squabble takes center stage

Bumgarner latest beef with the Dodgers stemmed from the home run he allowed to Max Muncy in San Francisco 11 days ago.

Bumgarner is well known as one of baseball’s utmost respecters of the unwritten rules. When Bumgarner felt Muncy admired the blast into McCovey Cove a little too long, he shouted his disapproval.

That prompted Muncy to respond and accidentally coin the phrase “Go get it out of the ocean.“

On Friday, the Dodgers arrived to the ballpark sporting shirts with that very same phrase. On Thursday, they let the Dodger Stadium crew do the heavy lifting.

Here’s the first subtle jab under Max Muncy’s scoreboard profile.

Then the organist got involved as well.

Those are not subtle jabs. Those are overhand rights.

Bumgarner didn’t appear to be bothered, but the organist carried on.

In the opinion of Giants manager Bruce Bochy, the Dodgers have been poking a bear with their recent taunts directed at Bumgarner.

He says that’s not a wise idea.

‘You can’t be upset if he fights back’

These were Bochy’s words before the game.

The game started with Bumgarner hitting Enrique Hernandez with a pitch. It didn’t appear to be intentional, but only Bumgarner knows for sure.

Hernandez made him pay for it regardless, stealing two bases before scoring on Muncy’s single.

Though Bumgarner settled in for awhile, it’s the Dodgers who did most of the fighting with their bats. Home runs from Kyle Garlick and Austin Barnes knocked Bumgarner from the game in the fourth inning, ultimately sending him out of LA with a loss.

But not before the Dodgers got in one more dig.

Regardless of what happens next, Bumgarner won’t soon forget this trip to Los Angeles.

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