Did Packers get screwed over on reviewed incomplete pass vs. Steelers?

The Green Bay Packers had a defensive touchdown wiped out and a turnover on review taken away on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the second quarter, Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett attempted a pass to running back Jaylen Warren in the right flat. Warren dropped the ball, there was a scramble for the ball and the Packers ended up recovering and returning it for a touchdown.

Officials ruled the play incomplete. Matt LaFleur challenged, but the call stood on the field.

Multiple angles of the throw suggest Pickett threw the ball from the 9-yard line and Warren dropped the ball at the 9-yard line. That would be a lateral and a live ball. If nothing else, the review should have awarded the Packers the football. Instead, the Steelers kept it and punted it away.

A turnover or a returned fumble for a touchdown would have either given the Packers a chance to take the lead or given the Packers a 19-17 lead.

You make the call. Was this a forward pass or a lateral?

Story originally appeared on Packers Wire